Message from Br Peter Clinch,

FrontCoverThe 2014 Christian Brothers’ Congregation Chapter in Nairobi calls followers of Jesus and Blessed Edmund Rice to be drawn into the Mystery we call God and be open to the transformation that awaits us as we journey through life.

Encountering the Mystery

At the core of our call to be brother (and sister) for the world is our being drawn into the Mystery we call God. At this pivotal time in the history of our Congregation we are awakened to the presence of God in our midst, as we seek meaningful and respectful ways of standing in solidarity with the whole Earth community. People who stand in solidarity with the whole Earth community, listen deeply to our groaning earth and her suffering people respond with compassion and justice and move to be in right relationships with all life. In a contemplative stance to the world, the Church and Congregation experience God calling them to be agents of change, hope and transformation.

The Nairobi Congregation Chapter reminds us:

It is the agenda of the world that sets the mission direction of the Church and our Congregation. On behalf of the Oceania Province Leadership Team, our hope is that all who visit this website will be inspired and informed of how followers of Blessed Edmund Rice are fired by the Gospel of Jesus to be immersed in the God quest, live a simple life, and engage with people made poor.

The agenda of our world impels us to find a new and radical way of being brother and sister for the world. In doing so, we embrace our fragility and move forward with our new-found humility.

This website concentrates on the region of Oceania. Hopefully it will inspire people to be involved in the mission of Oceania Province and to enquire further how to participate in building joyful, healing and life-giving communities and to listen, walk and advocate in a spirit of respectful engagement with those made poor and those abused.

Key documents which describe and direct are listed below.

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